Melipona-Xunan Kab Medicinal Honey (Small)

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Image of Melipona-Xunan Kab Medicinal Honey  (Small)

This honey is produced by the stingless Melipona Beecheii bee, a species native to the Yucatan peninsula and Central America. The honey from Xunan' Kab (Royal Lady) has been used ancestrally in traditional Mayan medicine for the immune system, respiratory ailments, eye conditions, and skin issues.

Queen Bee Honey, a Mexico based fair trade company that works directly with Mayan families brings this honey from the Calakmul biosphere in Campeche, Yucatan peninsula. By purchasing this honey, you support this sacred bee, and help preserve traditional Mayan beekeeping and the forests in which it is produced.

Comes in amber glass dropper bottle, 0.33 oz.